Family History Research

FAMILY TREEHave you ever wanted to know more about your family history.  Perhaps you have a family mystery to clear up, or simply want to know about the kind of lives your ancesters lived? Maybe they worked on the land, traded around the world, served as an apprentice, led a pauper's life or moved in royal circles. In some cases time is running out to gather valuable evidence and memories.

Get in touch if you need help looking into your family history or perhaps would like to give a family tree as a gift. An affordable selection of packages, involving either research or training, to suit all pockets.


About Wales Family History


Wales is an unique part of the United Kingdom with a vibrant culture, colourful history and a stunningly beautiful landscape.  Its people have been shaped by centuries of conflict, industrial revolution and religious dissent. Welsh families were some of the first to explore the new worlds of America, Australia and New Zealand, and people of Welsh descent can be found in just about every corner of the world. Tracing your Welsh family history can be an enriching experience, and it's sure to uncover fascinating personal stories.


Genealogy Research


The key to good genealogical research is local knowledge and we're on the ground at all points of the compass in Wales, from Snowdonia's majestic mountains and castles, to Pembrokeshire's staggering coastline, and the proud industrial heritage of the South Wales valleys.  Wherever your family tree roots and branches lead, we can dig out the stories behind the names and dates. We'll augment meticulous research through conventional records such as Births, Marriages and Deaths, with enlightening documentation from old newspapers and contemporary publications to make the past come alive.If you opt for guided research, we'll be with you from your first tentative steps through an amazing world of archival material to create a full picture of you ncestral lives across Wales.  Perhaps you have already done a lot of research and wish to make your acquaintance with the people and landscape of Wales via one of our guided tours, tailor made to help you understand your ancestors and their lives on the land.  We can also co-ordinate independent tours through Wales, and with a vast amount of local knowledge, you're assured a genuine contact with Wales and the Welsh. Need family or local history research done on your behalf - just get in touch to discuss.

Genealogy Tuition
Wales is a very special part of the United Kingdom, and poses it's own unique challenges when studying your family tree.  If you'd prefer to carry out your own research, we can create bespoke courses to help you on your way.  We can highlight the common pit falls, and smoothi your way to successful research. Another option could be to provide on hand advice and support to get you past the log jams, or to explain the cultural idiosyncracies involved with Welsh familiy history.
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