Radio News Presentation
Currently working as a host of the Beijing Hour on China Radio International in the Chinese capital.  The programme is a twice daily news and current affairs show in English designed for a worldwide audience. That was preceded by a stint as a presenter on Classic FM in London, the UK's most popular national classical music station, and news presentation for British Forces Broadcasting.  During a broadcasting career spanning 35 years, I have worked as a researcher, reporter, producer, programme editor and presenter in both independent and BBC local, national and international radio.
 Consultancy and Training
Media training
Do you need help with getting your message across?  How do you approach the media in the most effective way, and deliver that message to maximise coverage. Discover the angles that interest journalists, how to provide the answers they need, and how to fend off the tricky questions.  Find out how to be well-prepared for media interviews and to develop a strategy for crisis media situations. Understand how the media can work for you. Bespoke courses for individuals and small groups.
Do the people in your organisation have the skills and knowhow to get your message across in the best way. Do they need their skills boosting? Or maybe they just need get their skills working within the overall plan. Technology and techniques change quickly and here may be better ways to improve our media performance.
Media Audit
How healthy is your media strategy. Does it work for your clients? Is it informing your fundraising? Could you be doing things in a better way. Why not get your organisation audited to find out whether you have the skills and techniques to create an effective media strategy.
Personal Development
What do you really want?  Where are you going?  How do you get there? Simple questions which are sometimes not so easy to answer. But it can be done quickly and effectively, and with an immediate impact on your career or home life. Life coaching is a way of helping people identify and achieve personal goals. It helps people set and reach goals using a variety of tools and techniques. Life coaches are not therapists nor consultants; psychological intervention and business analysis are outside the scope of their work. Life coaching draws inspiration from disciplines including sociology, psychology, career counseling, NLP, mentoring and other types of counseling. Life Coaching looks to the future and seeks to tap into the hopes and dreams of the individual, and finds a way of creating a stretegy to achieve those aims.
Sometimes taking a team out of its comfort zone is a good way of breaking old habits and allowing them a bit time for blue sky thinking. We can host team building and workshop exercises, brainstorming sessions, and facilitate with motivating your team.

Finding the money to do what you do is crucial, but there always seems to be a squeeze on sources of funding. Let us help you define a future funding strategy, and coach you through the processes to get what you need




 Public Relations, Publicity and Marketing


 Even if you have a great product or skill, you still need to tell people about it, and there are ever increasing ways of doing so. The key is to have a good plan and to carry out it effectively. We can work with you to define your priorities and develop a strategy to gain you crucial publicity.


Crisis Management


Sometimes things go wrong, and that’s when you may need expertise to help minimise the impact of bad publicity. We can provide training and workshops to make sure you and your organisation are ready in the event that things don’t go according to plan.


Social Media


What’s the best way to communicate using Social Media? What kind of messages do you send? And how often? How can you integrate social media into your mainstream public relations, publicity and fundraising stratagies.


Online Radio, Audio & Podcasting


The dominance of the internet has created a level playing field – it’s now easy to match the big players to capture audiences. It’s now easy to create your own online radio, create audio for websites and legacy requirements and for podcasts. We can advise on technical, legal and skills requirements. Or we can do the whole thing for you!  Here's an example of Online Radio in Action. The Sound of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.




Web Design


Creating a website has become much simpler in recent years and the skills needed to develop a site more intuitive. But sometimes it helps to have the whole thing set up for you, and then training given to take the project forward. We believe in empowering the client as a means of ensuring flexibility and to keep costs down.

We can deal with domain registration, hosting, design, email set up, marketing and ongoing curation if needed. We’ll also help you propagate and publicise your site, and can advise on digital marketing and data capture.  Our team can create imagery, audio and social media content such as blogs to add sticky content to your website and aid your marketing/publicity/fundraising stategy.