I was brought up taking photographs.  My Dad developed his own black and white photos and built a studio at home. There's a family story that as a toddler I wandered into his studio and drank some developer! Rather than start panicking, my Mum - a chemist and a doctor - simply got me to drink fixer to counteract the earlier poisoning!  Who knows whether it's true or not.  Either way, I have always been fascinated by taking photos - of people, ideas and places.

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In 1994, I did a post-graduate diploma in Photo Journalism which professionalised my photography.  For a few years after that date I co-ran a photo stock library specialising in social issues. Most of the images I sell are to be found at ALAMY, but I am open to commissions to create new work, especially portrait sessions and stock shots. Photography plays a big role in the cookbook I am currently writing containing recipes from my home in Snowdonia.

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